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Sauce allemande+ mix vegetables [This traditional French sauce is based on veloute sauce, enriched with liaison [egg yolk &cream mixture] and flavored with mushrooms and lemon] INGREDIENTS • Chicken veloute 4cups • Egg yolks 4 • Rich cream ½ cup • Mushroom chopped 1tbs • Lemon juice 1tbs • Salt and ground pepper to taste • Mixed vegetables, chopped 1cup ...

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[This traditional French sauce is based on hollandaise sauce and goes well with fish and poultry] Preparation time—5 minutes Cooking time—10 minutes Yield—about 2 cups INGREDIENTS • Hollandaise sauce 2cups • Tomatos puree 4tbsp • Celery, juliennes 2tbsp [blanched] • Salt & pepper to taste METHOD 1-Heat tomato puree, reduced to half, cool it and mix it with hollandaise sauce. ...

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[Often called ‘’White bordelaise’’ this traditional French sauce is enriched with white sauce and is based on veloute sauce and served with roast chicken,veal,turkey or fish dishes.] Preparation time-10 minutes Cooking time-25 minutes Yield-1quart INGREDIENTS • White wine 1 cup • Shallots [chopped] ½ cup • Bay leaf 1 • Thyme a pinch • Veloute sauce 1 quart • Butter ...

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[Sauce remoulde is based on mayonnaise sauce, one of the mother sauces. Served with fried fish, cold meats and poultry] Preparation and cooking time—10minutes Yield—1cup INGREDIENTS 1-Mayonnaise sauce                                                         1cup 2-Mustard powder                                                           ...

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