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1-TANGRA MACH                                          8 pieces

2-OIL [MUSTARD OR                                   4tbsp


3-TOMATO [CHOPPED]                            2

4-TURMERIC POWDER                              1tsp

5-GINGER&GARLIC PASTE                       2tsp

6-KALONJI                                                      1tsp

7-CORIANDER POWDER                          2tsp

8-CUMIN POWDER                                   1tsp


10-SALT                                                        to taste

11-CORIANDER [CHOPPED]               1tsp


1-Marinate the fish with little salt and half of the turmeric.

2-Heat oil in a pan, fry fish pieces and keep aside.

3-Crackles kalonji, add ginger &garlic paste sauté it for few seconds add tomatoes, green chills & salt.

4-Saute them till tomatoes mashed.

5-Add coriender powder, cumin powder and rest of the turmeric, sprinkle some water cook it for couple of minutes

6-Add 2cups of water and allow it to boil, add fish pieces and simmer it till fish is cooked. Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves.


About Anil Kumar

Chef at Mayuri Farms and Restaurant