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1-NODDLES                                       400 gm

2-CARROTS                                        ¼ cup

3-CABBAGE                                       3 cups

4-ONION (SLICED)                        ¼ cup

5-CAPSICUM (JULIENNES)       ¼ cup

6-GARLIC (CHOPPED)                  1 tsp

7-RED CHILLI SAUCE                    2 tsp

8-VINEGAR                                         2 tsp

9-SOYA SAUCE                                2tsp

10-AJINOMOTO                             2 tsp

11-SALT                                               to taste

12-OIL                                                   2½ tbs


1-Boil water, add noodles in 2 litter of water with salt 7-8 minutes, strain,  sprinkle little oil, toss it & spread in a tray and cool it.

2-Heat oil, sauté garlic till light brown stir in onion & capsicum, add cabbage & carrots, sauté till tender.

3-Add noodles sprinkle salt, red chilly sauce, vinegar, soya sauce& ajinomoto, toss it well.

4- Serve hot garnish with spring onion.


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