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DSC_0054[Crispy fried lady finger]

Preparation time—15minutes                           Cooking time—15minutes

Serving—4                                                                    Category—veg


1-Bhindi                                                                       400gms

2-Amchoor powder                                               1tsp

[Dry mango powder]                                            1tsp

3-Jeera [cumin] powder                                    1tsp

4-Red chilli powder                                               ½ tsp

5-Asafoetida powder                                          a pinch

6-Besan [Bengal gram flour]                          1½ tbs

7-Corn flour                                                             1½ tbs

8-Salt                                                                            to taste

9-Oil                                                                             to fry


1-Wash the bhindi and dry thoroughly. Snip off the top stem of each bhindi and then cut them diagonally into long slices.

2-Put the lady fingers in a bowl. Sprinkle all the dry ingredients on them and mix well.

3-Heat the oil on medium flame, deep fry the lady finger, a little at a time until crispy.

4-Drain on absorbent and serve hot as a side dish with rice and dal [lentil].

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