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1-Large red chilies                                                                         18-20

2-Mustard oil                                                                                     3cups

3-Cumin seeds                                                                                  4tbs

4-Mustard seeds                                                                             7tbs

5-Fennel seeds                                                                                 2tbs

6-Black pepper corns                                                                   1tbs

7-Mustard powder                                                                        7tbs

8-Mango powder                                                                           1cup

9-Coriander seeds                                                                       4tbs

10-Salt                                                                                                8tbs

11-Asafoetida [hing] powder                                                1tsp

12-Cardamom seeds [black]                                                 1tbs

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1-Wash and thoroughly dry the green chilies, trim the stems.

2-Slit the chilies up to the stem, scoop out the inner flesh and seeds and keep aside.

3-Dry roast cumin seeds, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds on a slow fire. Cool and grind coarsely with cardamom seeds, pepper corns and scooped flesh and seeds of red chilies.

4-Heat half of the oil till smoking point and let it cools thoroughly.

5-Mix together heated oil, ground mixture, mustard powder, mango powder, hing powder and salt.

6-Add the lemon juice to this mixture and mix well.

7-Stuff each chili with this mixture. Put the chilies into a sterilized jar, pour the remaining oil, cover the lid tightly and keep it out in the sun for a week, shake gently each day to make sure the oil coats the chilies well.

8-Achar is ready to eat. It lasts for two months.

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