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[Popular Sindhi green leafy vegetables preparation, cooked with split Bengal gram]

Preparation time—20 minutes                                               Cooking time—40minutes

Serving—5-6                                                                                     Category—veg.

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  • Spinach, chopped                                                             1 bunch
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  • Dill leaves, chopped                                                         1cup
  • Fenugreek leaves, chopped                                         1cup
  • Chana dal [split Bengal gram]                                     1cup
  • Tomatoes, chopped                                                          2
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  • Green chilies, chopped                                                   3
  • Ginger, chopped                                                                 1tsp
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  • Potato [peeled and cut into cubes]                          1medium
  • Carrot [peeled and cut into cubes]                          1
  • Small brinjal [cut into cubed]                                     1
  • Turmeric powder                                                               ½ tsp
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  • Chilli powder                                                                        ½ tsp
  • Cumin seeds                                                                         1tsp
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  • Garlic, chopped                                                                  5-6cloves
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  • Asafoetida [hing]                                                               a pinch
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  • Dry red chilies                                                                     2
  • Salt                                                                                            to taste
  • Oil                                                                                              2tbsp


1-Pressure cook’s spinach, dill leaves, fenugreek leaves, chana dal, green chilies, tomato and salt, along with3cups of water for 5-6 whistles or until dal completely cooked and become mushy.

2-Heat oil in a pan, crackles cumin seeds and dry red chillies, adds onion and garlic sauté till brown adds hing, turmeric powder and ginger, stir in all the vegetables, little salt and red chilli powder.

3-Add 2cups of water, cook it on medium heat until vegetables are almost tender, add to the dal mixture and stir cook till it becomes thick.

4-Remove from the fire and serve hot with chapattis.

(If you are not using dill leaves in that case you can add little mango powder to it)

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