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1-COTTAGE CHEESE (PANEER)                 800gm

2-AJWAIN (CAROM SEEDS)                        1 tsp

3-CREAM                                                               2 tbsp

4-GARAM MASALA POWDER                     2 tsp

5-GRAMFLOUR (BASEN)                             2½tbsp

6-CURD                                                                1cup

7-TURMERIC POWDER                                1 ½tsp

8-WHITE PEPPER                                           1 tsp

9-YELLOW CHILLI POWDER                       2 tsp

10-CORIANDER (CHOPPED)                      1 tbsp

11-GINGER&GARLIC PASTE                       1½tbsp

12-CHAT MASALA                                            1 tsp

13-SALT                                                                 to taste

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1-Cut paneer into 1½ inch cubes, sprinkle ajwain, white pepper, ½tsp turmeric powder,1tsp garam masala &salt on paneer.

2-Dry roast the basen in a kadhai, remove from the fire & cool it.

3-Mix together, roasted basen,  curd, cream, yellow chilli powder, ginger& garlic paste, remaining garam masala, turmeric, chopped coriander& salt.

4-Coat paneer pieces with the mixture& keep aside for half an hour.

5-Skewer the paneer pieces 1 inch apart, skewer a small potato piece at the end to prevent the tikka slipping out.

5-Roast in a moderately hot  charcoal tandoor for 7-8 minutes or in pre heated oven for 9-10 minutes.

6-Arrange in a serving plate, sprinkle chat masala over it &serve hot with green chutney.

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