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[THIS TRADITIONAL FRENCH SAUCE IS A DERIVATIVE OF VELOUTE SAUCE, ENRICHED WITH LIAISON [EGG YOLK&CREAM MIXTURE] AND FLAVOURED WITH MUSHROOM AND LEMON, STRICTLY SPEAKING IT IS NOT A BASIC SAUCE BUT IS VERY OFTEN USED IN PREPARATION OF OTHER SAUCES] order online at usa pharmacy! to where to trusted online cialis store. buy cialis online no prescription required:buy cialis buy fluoxetine online | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. buy female viagra amoxicillin to buy in uk. amoxicillin 125 mg. amoxil tablets. cost amoxicillin. order cheap amoxil. amoxicillin 500 mg capsule . price of amoxicillin without  online without a prescription here 100mg, at a low price. buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription odorless , baclofen medication classification buy baclofen uk baclofen tablets side effects baclofen pill buy zoloft online india . free delivery, buy generic zoloft delivered next day.


1-CHICKEN VELOUTE                                            4cups

2-EGG YOLKS                                                           4

3-RICH CREAM                                                        ½ cup

4-MUSHROOM [CHOPPED]                                1tbs

5-LEMON JUICE                                                      1tbs

6-SALT& GROUND PEPPER                                 to taste

7-BUTTER                                                                 2tbs

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1-Heat veloute in a heavy bottom pan, bring it to boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer.

2-Whisk egg yolks &cream together in a mixing bowl slowly add a cup of veloute and whisk it constantly so that the mixture does not curdle from the heat.

3-Now gradually whisk the warm mixture back into the veloute.

4-Let it simmers for few seconds, but do not let it to boil.

5-Stir-in mushroom, lemon juice and season to taste.

6-Swirl-in butter and serve right away.

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